Real Moments – You can’t fake them!

January 16, 2010

What my clients seem to really like about my work is the fact that my photos all look very ‘natural’ – even the couple shots. One of my clients once said that she had looked at so many photographers websites that all say they will provide you with ‘natural’ wedding photos, but when she looked at their portfolio the photos all seemed rather staged. I think the problem is, that some photographers make the couples look unnatural in couple shots because they make them do things that is not really them. There are certainly couples out there who really love posing for the camera but I would have to say that the majority of my clients say they don’t really like being photographed. No surprise to me, I don’t like it myself when someone holds a camera up close to my face and yells ‘Cheeeeeeeese’… How much more awkward can you look? I came across a lovely article on the WPJA’s website. The WPJA is the Wedding Photojournalist Association which I’m very proud to be a selected member of. Here a little summary of what I read in the article:

Real moments – you can’t fake them!
A glance, a quick kiss, laughter – those little fleeting exchanges, the whirlwind of activity and emotion.
When you look back at your wedding photographs the important thing is to remember what you felt like on the happiest day of your life!
Your wedding photographs are your treasured memories and make you experience again and again, real life as it happened. You don’t want the experience of the photographer being in charge and directing the whole day; you want someone to record it.
You want to remember the spontaneous moment — the real moment!
Then you can say: ‘That’s what I look like when I’m really living my life. That’s who I really am!’


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